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Request Rules - Read Before Requesting Empty Request Rules - Read Before Requesting

Post by Ilkzz on Thu 16 Apr - 21:32


1) Remember to start with an explicit title, it should contain the general nature of your request for example : "Requesting banner for my forum"

*Note that requests with invalid or non-explicit titles will be locked or deleted. Also, if you put a title like "I want request NOW!" you request won't be done ; it will be locked.

2) You must have enough cash to request. How do I get cash I hear you ask? Well, you get points for replying to posts and making new topics.

3) Second you MUST use the graphics commander available here :


[color=darkred][b]Nature of the creation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Creation size (in pixels) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]With or without animation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE (precise the kind of animation you want)
[color=darkred][b]Background color :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Picture(s) link(s) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Text to insert :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Link to the font to download :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Font color :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Link of my forumotion forum :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE
[color=darkred][b]Extra comments :[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE

This graphics commander will give you something like that :

Nature of the creation : Avatar
Creation size (in pixels) : 88*31
With or without animation : Without animation please
Background color : Blue
Picture(s) link(s) : Click here
Text to insert :
Link to the font to download : You can choose the font or tell what font you would like
Font color : White
Link of my forumotion forum :
Extra comments : I don't have extra comments

All you do is fill the information.

You must provide the link of you forum (which must be hosted by forumotion) if you want your request to be done)

It is advised to add exact pixel sizes (width and height) or at least an estimate to the final products size.

Same goes for color... make sure to specify clearly. Question

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Request Rules - Read Before Requesting Empty Re: Request Rules - Read Before Requesting

Post by Ilkzz on Thu 16 Apr - 21:41

Graphics Requests won't be completed if:

Your request is not clear or impossible to complete.
Your site is illegal , blocked by Online Guardian , or if you request graphics for a non-forumotion forum.
You have been banned from this site.
You use Copyrighted pictures . GFX Staff are to tell the member who posted the request that this picture is protected under copyright and that we can't do anything. We can recognize a protected image by the ©️ symbol.
If you make a creation with such pictures, here are the sanctions you may face :click here

You are not allowed to:

Request via PM
Double post or impulsively bump threads
Flame any members art or argue with the staff
Cut in line ( start your own topic... don't bump with your own request in someone elses)

Commenting and moderating

1) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... but when commenting finished art by the GFX staff or members please do NOT flame or criticize. You are allowed to post constructive comments but not offensive.

2) Now Forumotion has Staff specialized in the field of Graphic Arts... Members are not allowed to moderate. Those posts are considered as SPAM and the staff are here to lock and move and advise in threads... Normal members do not have to help us... we can do fine without your help!
Members who continue to moderate, spam or flood posts will be treated with the 3 strikes rule that applies to the entire Help Forum.

3) Please be patient ... the graphics staff try really hard to get all the requests done as fast as they can. Remember that we also have lives and that we can make mistakes. We are dedicated to help you but if you stand in our way or interrupt us by being unpleasant or aggressive , we shall not complete the requests and you may end up with warns that can lead to bans.

Be Respectful
Follow the Rules
Use the Graphics Command
Be patient

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