Watch Out For Microsoft's Xbox Announcement Next Month

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Watch Out For Microsoft's Xbox Announcement Next Month

Post by Ilkzz on Fri 8 May - 17:34

Microsoft honcho and screamer Steve Ballmer gave a speech today in Dallas as a guest of the Dallas Regional Chamber to deliver a speech at the Dallas Convention Center.

The topic: "The Role of Innovation in a Challenging Economy". The game connection: During his speech, Ballmer is quotes as saying, "Pay attention to the stuff we're announcing in the next month on Xbox." Ballmer did not elaborate more than that reports Victor Godinez from The Dallas Morning News.

Of course, next month is E3, and of course Microsoft will be announcing things for its Xbox 360 platform — things like the rumored motion controller. If it doesn't, Steve Ballmer still wants your undivided attention.

Thanks to Kotaku

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