Xbox Live to have VIP membership?

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Xbox Live to have VIP membership? Empty Xbox Live to have VIP membership?

Post by Ilkzz on Sat 18 Apr - 18:39

After seeing the latest numbers from the NPD, it’s safe to say the Xbox 360 is a beast! As for the Xbox Live, just when people thought Microsoft couldn’t do anymore with this incredible feature, they’re about to show and prove once again, when they introduce “V.I.P. Membership”.

But Xbox Live is already spectacular, what else can they do?

According too a customers survey done in France, Microsoft is considering a new level of Xbox Live called the VIP service. Now with this upgraded version, users will be able to get online storage for their content, a brand new matchmaking option, a option that allows the user too send free invitations to silver members, and better connectivity. It’s no denying that Xbox Live’s gold members are reaping the awards that Microsoft has provided them and with this optional addition it can’t do anything but expand on this already great feature.

Is this new feature worth it?

Xbox Live members should give the “V.I.P. Membership” a warm welcome, the upgrade will allow for better connectivity for online gaming, online storage, etc. Only time will tell if users will adapt to this upcoming addition, hopefully we hear some more news about V.I.P. at E3.

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